Bucas Grande – Surigao del Norte

I was lucky enough to book a cheap flight to Butuan last year. My only target was to see Enchanted River, but every search I did for my itinerary always have Bucas Grande as part of the trip. I googled pictures of the said place and I told myself, “I should go and see this place!” …and so I did last February 😎

It was late at night when we arrived in Butuan (thanks for the delayed flight! 😣). My itinerary was ruined on the very first day! My original plan was to go straight to Bucas Grande and spend a night there. I got so worried cause our plane landed at Butuan airport by 7:30 PM. There are certainly NO boats by that time. PLAN B: Spend the night in Butuan then early morning, I’d travel to Bucas Grande. BUT that didn’t happen neither. When my friend and I got out of the airport, there were barkers calling for passengers bound to Surigao City. We decided that it’ll be better if our starting point for Bucas Grande’s trip will be Surigao as it is nearer. So, we hopped on a van and travelled for almost 3 hours. Upon reaching Surigao, we took a tricycle and told the young driver to bring us to an inn. That’s how I spent my first day. Not the way I planned it, but hey!, isn’t ruined itinerary one of the factors that makes travel into an adventure. πŸ˜‰

The next day, we got up at 5:30AM. We wanted to catch the first trip of bus bound to Hayanggabon. I have already contacted a boatman that would wait for us at the port and bring us to Bucas Grande. It was past 8AM when we arrived at the port. Kuya Raffy, our contact person, is already there. He pointed the boat that we will use and I excitedly ran towards it 😁. This is it! I thought to myself 😬😬😬

Island you will see at the Hayanggabon Port

Our first stop is the Hidden Resort. We had to pay 50.00php as entrance fee so we can take a tour on the place. They have cottages for rent. What really amazed me in this place is its clear water. You can see the fish and lobster when you look down at the water.

I wonder how it feels to sleep in a cottage floating in the water…


Few minutes away from Hidden Resort is the Club Tara Resort. Unfortunately, cottages are occupied and I did not have the opportunity to see their rooms.

Some rooms have their own jacuzzi..
Afraid to take a dip in the open sea? You can do it in the resort’s pool
Sorry… just can’t resist to take a pic in this beautiful spot ;P

After exploring Club Tara, we then proceeded to Crystal and Bolitas Cave.Crystal Cave is like having a walk in the park while Bolitas Cave would test your body’s flexibilty. Yeah, I love spelunking. I’ve done Cave Connection in Sagada 4 times already! But this time, I wasn’t prepared! I was not in my usual caving outfit, haha! But what the heck! I can always wash my clothes, but I have no idea when can Β I go back to this place. So I crawled inside the cave and disregard the mud Β in my clothes, arms and legs.


few steps you need to climb to get to the entrance of the caves
Entrance of Crystal Cave
Crystal Cave’s version of water terraces
you have to walk while sitting! urgh! (Bolitas Cave)
At this point I was thinking, “Why am I doing this to myself?” πŸ˜€

There you go! 1st twoΒ hours of the trip spent on mud, haha! Next post will be about the stingless jelly fish of Sohoton Cove. πŸ™‚ For more pictures, click here




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