Jelly Fish Sanctuary – Bucas Grande Surigao del Norte

Sohoton Cove National Park Center in Bucas Grande is indeed a paradise. Not just for humans but also for Jelly Fish and other sea creatures. What I looked forward to in this trip is the encounter with the stingless jelly fish. I used to avoid them in other beaches that I’ve been to. Who would want an itchy skin due to whatever that jelly fish excretes? Definitely not me! πŸ˜€


after that caving activity, I just wanted to stay on the cottage and stare at this
I was bewildered by this view


at one point, boatmen needed to carry the small boat to cross it over the jelly fish sanctuary

On our way to the sanctuary, I asked the boatman if I’ll be seeing a lot of jelly fish. I was so excited with the thought that this time, I won’t be playing “patintero” with them. But he said that there’s only few of them in the “cage” that day… that season actually.Β I got disappointed upon hearing that. True enough, I only saw like 20 or less jelly fish in the area. But what got me back into my mood is that transparent jelly fish that I GOT TO HOLD! I don’t know… There’s really nothing special with holding it, but for some weird reason, I felt like a winner when one was on my hand. I was like “HUH! I don’t need to avoid you now!” πŸ˜€


At Hagukan Cave entrance

That flatform might look low enough for s swimmer… but for someone like me, who doesn’t know how to swim, jumping on that cliff WITHOUT life vest is horrendous BUT EXCITING, THRILLING and FULFILLING πŸ™‚

I would love to come back in this place and jump on that board again!Β Our tour ended at around 2PM. That was also the time that we were able to take our lunch in the island’s only restaurant.


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