Tinuy-An Falls and Enchanted River of Bislig

One of the things I’ve enjoyed the most in this trip is the habal-habal ride. I was able to see the surroundings in full view. Those wooden bridges we passed by, the sunset at the lake and just the local kids playing on the road… made me want to just stay in there and never come back in the metro.

It was getting dark when we reached Tinuy-An Falls, thus, the gloomy and dark pictures. I should really study my camera features 😫

Anyway, that just gave me a reason to go back in the place. And probably, SWIM na din as I was not able to do that because my friend had to go back to Butuan for her 7AM flight back to Manila the next day.

The majestic TINUY-AN FALLS

We went up into the next tier of the falls. When I come back (AND I WILL!!! πŸ˜€ ), I would likeΒ to go further up and explore the other tiers.

Taken from above..

After that Tinuy-an trip, my friend went back to Butuan while I stayed for a night in Maryland Lodging House.Β Β I had a good sleep in this place, probably because of the fact that we came in the place straight from Siargao Island.

Thanks to that local guy who took this pic! πŸ™‚
Ohhhh… how can one resist swimming in here?
That inviting water…
clearer water in this area

The habal-habal driver told me that there are boats for rent that will take you to the open sea. OK, I missed that fact on my research! I didn’t know that such activity can be done in that place. I didn’t ask any one from the river for the direction, but I saw stairs. So, I went down the stairs (picture on the right) with the hopes that that path leads to the boat area. I thought twice if I will continue taking that path. I was the only one walking there. localΒ folklore about enchantress, tikbalangs, and other creatures crept on my mind. Then I heard a group of teenagers laughing behind me. I looked back and saw them and I thought “Are they real or am I imagining?” HAHA! Anyway, they were real and the path indeed led me to the boat area.

Here are some photos I’ve captured on that boat trip from Enchanted River to the open sea and the village near it.


We made a stop at the Pacific View resort. I paid the entrance fee of 10 pesos then went on and explored the place.



Swimming area of the resort

Next stop is the Sibadan Fish Cage.Β This is where I saw the biggest stingray I’ve ever seen so far. They also have lobster and other fish that you can order for lunch.


Brenda, Sibadan’s precious stingray


We also made a stop in a cave in the same area. I didn’t take a lot of pictures though 😦

This Mama Mary statue can be found at the cave

After almost 2 hours, I went back to the river. Just right on time for the fish feeding activity. The habal-habal driver told me a story on our way to the river. He said that before they open the place to the public, they asked permission from the fairies and other creatures they believe are taking care of the enchanted place. The creatures agreed but they have one condition. The fish in there should be fed at exactly 12:00PM. Maybe, this is one reason why they have signage that they won’t do special feeding if any tourist would request.


That’s it! After that trip, I went back to my inn. I overstayed for 1.5hours but they didn’t ask for extra payment. Yipee! πŸ˜€



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