The Ruins – A Proof of an Undying Love – Talisay, Negros Occidental

“A land without ruins is a land without memories — a land without memories is a land without history” – Abram Joseph Ryan

Don Mariano Lacson, a sugar baron from Negros Occidental, fell in love with a lovely lady from Macau, Maria Braga. He married and brought her in the Philippines. They were blessed with 10 children. It was when Maria was carrying their 11th child when she slipped in their bathroom and bled heavily. Don Mariano had to send a horse-drawn carriage to Silay City to pick up a physician who would attend to Maria. At that time, it took 2 days for the carriage to reach Silay. Because of this, Maria and the baby inside her died, even before the doctor could attend to them.

Don Mariano grieved… the only woman he loved was taken cruelly by fate. But he had to move on for his 10 kids. In order to do that, he talked to his father-in-law and told him he would like to build a house for his kids. A mansion that would remind him of Maria and somehow, immortalize her in his memories for the rest of his life. What could be more romantic way of professing your love to some than to build a mansion in her memory? Thus, the mansion was built and finished in the early 1920’s. But Don Mariano had to face another cruelty when they opted to put the house on fire during World War II to prevent the Japanese from using it as headquarter.

The most beautiful ruined structure I’ve ever seen!

I would love to travel back in time to see how this house looked like before they burn it down.

The famous 4-tiered fountain in front of the mansion

It took 3 days to burn the house down… leaving only its beautiful framework.


The mansion’s chimney in the background

Visitor’s waiting area…

The guide giving a quick briefing and history about Don Mariano and the mansion.

On my left, the part that used to be the rooms of Don Mariano’s children.

It took three days to burn the house… leaving only its beautiful framework

No one would leave this place without taking the “reflection shot”!

Just have to add this pic… πŸ™‚


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