Coron Halfday Inland Tour

If you want Coron for yourself, or at least with just few tourists photobombing your pix, then September is the best month for you to visit the place. It is well-known that “BER months”Β isΒ the typhoon season in the Philippines and most travelers chose to go to places with no ocean or do activities that don’t involve the sea. So last year, I bravely booked the trip, kept my fingers crossed and hoped and prayed that sun will show up while I’m Β in Coron. And it did! yay!!! 😏😜😌

It was a little past lunch time when my friend and I arrived in Busuanga. We have a room reservation at Patrik and Tezz, a cheap inn with super friendly owners. After taking 2-hour nap, at 3PM, we started our trip. We had a little discussion if we will go to the hot spring first or Mt. Tapyas. You have to take 721 flight of stairs to reach the top of the hill. It’ll be so nice to take a dip in the hot spring after that. And most of the blogs really advised to go to Mt. Tapyas first, then Maquinit hot spring after. But I told my friend that I wanna witness sunset, and if it’s ok with him, we’ll go to Maquinit first. And since he’s not a first timer in Coron, he agreed. And so, he hailed a tricycle and told the driver the take us to the famous Maquinit Hot Spring.

They were the only “occupants” of the big pool when we arrived.
A click from the other side…
There are agencies that include the hot spring as part of island hopping tour. We opted to go there by land.
wow! we have this biiiiigggg pool to ourselves! 🏊🏻


After swimming in the hot water for a good 45 minutes, we washed up and rode the tricycle that would bring us to Mt. Tapyas. I prepared myself for the 721 steps I have to take. But I wasn’t prepared for the cold weather! My shirt got wet by my long hair, and my undergarments were still wet. Well, that was my fault, I did not bring extra clothes cause I was not really planning to swim in the hot spring. Anyway, I was all dried up when we reached the top 😁

yes, they have markers on the stairs so you don’t have to count 😁
this cross lights up in the night ✝️
They are starting to lock their promise of love in the area…
waiting for the sunset πŸŒ…

And this is what I came here for!

My “I never met a sunser I didn’t like” photo πŸŒ…



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