Balabac Island – A Photo Diary

Punta Sebaring Island

I had this place to myself for four days! ❀
First thing I see every morning when I open my tent
I finished a book in this chair… while sipping a cup (or two) of coffee
I sat in this chair every day while waiting for the sunset.
For some weird reason, you can only get phone signal in this area.


Aside from mangroves, the island is rich with pine trees too.
Island-scene every late afternoon.
Three generations of fisherwomen.
Punta Sebaring Poblacion area.

Island Hopping Pictures

I forgot the name of the island… Sorry πŸ˜€
Mansalangan Sandbar — I had a good time swimming in this island!

Patawan Island

Rio Tuba, Bataraza, Palawan


Again,Β Β please ignore that black circle on the photos. My camera lens had that dirt the whole time I was in Palawan and I did not dare to remove my lens as I was afraid sandflies would get in πŸ˜€


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