Baguio City – Not Your Usual Travel Guide

Known as the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio was the first destination I’ve traveled with my family back when I was in high school. There were only few tourists back then. We were able to roam around the famous Burnham Park, Mines View, Crystal Cave and other tourist sites and eat in the local restaurants without the hassles of falling in line or being registered in the waiting list. The city gave me such a good impression and the homey feeling that I even considered studying college in one of their universities. The second time I got there, things escalated. The city seemed to have adapted to the metro-style of living. Taxis were everywhere, there were restaurants that can also be found in Manila, the flowers in the park seemed to have paled and faded their colors. But I’ve learned to accept the fact that if the city was able to adjust to the tourists needs, who am I to question its progress?

When I told my mother I was going to Baguio, she gave me that “Na naman!” look. She even asked me “Baguio lang? Di ka aakyat ng Sagada?” In the past, whenever I tell her I am bound for Baguio, she will get a surprise text from me saying I am already in Sagada. (me pinaghuhugutan naman yung tanong ni Mother πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†). So last week, together with two ladies I was with in Barlig (which entry has been sleeping in my draft for 3 months now), we explored Baguio.

Saturday, August 26 : I left the office earlier than my usual time out to meet Janneth in Cubao. I’ve anticipated a long line of passengers in the terminal as it was a long weekend. Thank God I was wrong! There were less than 15 people lined up. There was no traffic on our way out of the metro, even though it was already past 9AM. There was an accident on the road which delayed our trip though. We reached Baguio at 4PM. Jhen, who was from Bauko but currently studying in Baguio, was already in the Baguio Terminal waiting for us. The three of us checked in at Bed and Breakfast @Station 120. Our only plan for that day was to dine out and hit the night market for some cheap finds. We were only able to dine out. We postponed the night market and agreed to just do it the following night.

Sunday, August 27 : Time to start exploring Baguio!

First stop: Bridal Veil Falls

I told myself I don’t wanna go back to Baguio just to see the same places often visited by the tourists. So I asked the girls to include this site in our itinerary.

The falls is actually found in Tuba, Benguet and is resting between Camp One and Camp Two. It can be spotted easily if you are passing by the Kennon Road.

To get to the falls from the highway, you have to cross the old rustic but super sturdy bridge. Jhen tried to scare me by frantically swaying the bridge. One thing she didn’t know, I love crossing bridges, whatever kind that is! 😁


Last time I was in this place, back in 2013, it was summer then and there was almost no water falling. This year, it did not disappoint me. Typhoon Jolina just got out of PAR two nights ago, thus the strong force of water.




After getting our clothes wet just by standing near the falls and letting the water just splatter on us, we once again crossed the bridge and went back to the high way.



We waited for less than 20 minutes for a van that would bring us back to Baguio City. That was quick! (thanks to the UV Express Vans, hehe) The first time I was there, it took us almost 2 hours and 2 orders of halo-halo before we were able to get a ride.

Second stop: Β Tam-awan VillageΒ :Β I took a lot of photos of this place. But those are just the same as the ones I took from my previous visits. So I am only posting 2 photos that are new for me πŸ˜€



Third Stop: Cemetery of Negativism in Camp John Hay







Fourth Stop: Public Market – Time to buy something for my office mates who always ask for “pasalubong” without giving any “pabaon” πŸ˜€



We went back to our hotel and dropped the goodies we bought in the market. Dinner then followed. After dinner, we went to the night market. I was able to score a jacket and a dress for Php100.00! My friends were able to find a lot of good things as well . If only it didn’t rain, we would have dug more stuff. Well, there’s always a next time πŸ™‚


Monday, August 28 : Second day to explore Baguio!

We wanted to go to Cafe in the Sky but upon reaching the Sto. Tomas checkpoint, we were told that we can not enter the town, unless we have a specific person to visit. So we just head back to Baguio City Proper.

First Stop: Mines View Park Β – Good thing we came here early. We took a lot of pictures with no photobombers in the background. πŸ™‚







Second (and last) stop: PMA – Philippine Military Academy





It was National Heroes Day and they have prepared some ceremony for it. But we were not able to witness it as we had to go back to Manila by noon. 😦





  1. Crazy how people say how commercialized Baguio is now compare to before, but then, people still go to actually see the difference. I’m included. πŸ™‚ Didn’t know about the fall and the bridge. You just gave a sure fire reason for people to head that way. I did enjoy the scenic drive going to and from. πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The thought of going to Baguio doesn’t excite me anymore… pero pag andun na ko, ang saya naman πŸ˜€ maybe, nasa mga kasama talaga yun eh, hehe..


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